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1. I am interested in taking the Restricted Operator Certificate-Aeronautical (ROC-A) examination?  How can I prepare myself for the exam and where can it be administered?  Also, is there an associated cost for the examination?

In order to prepare for the ROC-A examination, it is recommended that you study the document RIC-21: Study guide for the restricted operator certificate with aeronautical qualification (ROC-A), in addition to other free study material available here. We provide virtual and in-person exams (contact us here). The ROC-A examination may consist of written, practical, and oral exercises. The examination charge is C$100 (more information here).

2. I urgently require a copy of a certificate after writing my examination, can I be issued a temporary certificate?
Accredited Examiners are not authorized to issue temporary certificates. Candidates with an urgent requirement for the issuance of a certificate may request us to Contact the Radio Operator Certificate Service Centre (ROCSC) and request that the issuance of their certificate be expedited. Provided there is a legitimate reason for this urgent request and that it is operationally feasible, the certificate will be produced expediently.

3. I lost my Restricted Operator Certificate - Aeronautical (ROC-A) and would like a new copy. How do I go about getting a copy mailed to me? Is there a fee?

You may submit a request to have your certificate reprinted via the licence re-print page, or make a request via the contact us form. The fee for processing a re-print is C$50. 

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