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Restricted Operator Certificate ─ Aeronautical (ROC-A) Canada

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Industry Canada, now renamed as Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) opened a new centralized Radio Operator Certificate Service Centre in October 2010. The Centre is intended to streamline and improve the delivery of Professional Radio Operator Certificates across Canada.

ISED receives and processes applications for an Operator Certificate, issues Professional Radio Operator Certificates, revalidates and issues replacement certificates and more. Restricted Operator Certificate - Aeronautical (ROC-A) is one of the main type of Professional Radio Operator Certificates that is issued by ISED.

The ROC-A is intended for aircraft pilots, airport radio operators and ground staff working on, or in proximity to, landing strips (e.g. airline ground dispatchers, landing strip snow removers, fuel supply truck staff, airport firefighters, etc.). This certificate allows for the operation of radios utilizing frequencies in the aeronautical band on board aircraft, land vehicles or base stations.

Industry Canada (ISED) requires that any operator of radiotelephone equipment, on board aircraft and at aeronautical land (fixed and mobile) radio stations using aeronautical mobile frequencies, be the holder of a Restricted Operator Certificate-Aeronautical. Failure to do so may result in heavy penalties.

At, we are authorized by ISED for the delivery of this certification and to conduct your examination leading to the issuance of your Restricted Operator Certificate-Aeronautical.

You can get in touch with us through the contact page or via email at

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