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DGCA India RTR-A - The toughest exam in Indian Aviation.

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Now you can get your DGCA FRTOL & RTR-A without doing your exams in India.

The Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical) R. T. R. (A) is a professional license that complies with international radio regulations. It is issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing of the Department of Telecommunications (Government of India) and is considered the toughest of exams an aviation professional must undertake in order to obtain their license.

For candidates seeking the Commercial Pilot license, Aircraft maintenance engineers, and Flight dispatchers needing to communicate over radio apparatus while flying or working in an aviation environment, this License is mandatory.

The RTR-A exam is conducted in two parts in India.

The first part consists of a 25-minute practical test in Regulations and Procedures. This part is also known as Transmission. If a person passes it, he is asked to appear in the second part.

The second part of the exam involves an oral examination on radio principles and procedures and regulations. It is conducted by the Chief Examiner, who is from WPC, and one representative from DGCA/AAI.

Part 1 - Exam has ATS route charts, transmission techniques, and formats of transmission as per AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication), India.

Part 2 - Exam has Basic electricity, Radio Navigational Aids, working of transmitter-receiver, modulation, HF-VHF communication, Regulations, flight plan, DGCA CARs etc.

R.T.R-(A) license holders must pass both exams in one sitting. The candidate who passes in Part 1 but fails in Part 2 will be declared failed in the exam and will have to take both exams again. If a candidate passes the Radiotelephony Restricted (Aeronautical) License examination, he or she has the option to obtain the license by paying the prescribed fee.

Radio Licence Issued in Commonwealth Countries

To put it simply, aviation involves a lot of information consumption, so why would I try to set myself up for failure knowing that India has one of the most difficult exams on the planet?

I have seen students using Radio licences issued by Commonwealth countries (like Australia and Canada) and converting their licences thereby skipping the exam completely or partially. Over a decade ago, I personally went through this process and can attest to its effectiveness. Many trainee pilots have used this smart technique to date.

Restricted Operator Certificate-Aeronautical


The ROC-A is otherwise known as the Restricted Operator Certificate-Aeronautical

( ROC-A) is a Canadian Aviation Radio Licence.

The best thing about this license is that there are no pre-requisites. Aviation professionals who intend to communicate using Aviation frequencies or devices can and must obtain it.

The study material is easy to understand and the exams are straightforward. The entire process is designed to set you up for success. The majority of international students seeking their FAA Pilots licence or Transport Canada Licence have obtained their ROC-A and have converted to get their RTR-A India.

Once you are ready for your exam, get in touch with us via email at and we will guide you through the process swiftly and effortlessly.

All the best!

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