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How to Prepare for your Aviation Radio Exam (ROC-A) In Canada.

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Aviation radio licenses are called Restricted Operator Certificate-Aeronautical. Though the Licence is required by Transport Canada, the governing body is Industry Canada, now renamed and rebranded as - Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).

The best part is that once you pass the exam, it is VALID for life.

Better yet, there is no prerequisite.

The radio exam is extremely straightforward and simple.

In response to the number of requests we received from student pilots, we decided to create an online Radio Exam course and an Online App which should be launching soon that will assist you in learning quickly. Keep in mind that the Radio & Communications knowledge that you require isn’t complicated. However, there is specific information you need in order to do well on the Radio exam.

But for now, I have provided you with study material for FREE that you can download from here.

Here's a Tip: Read the Study Guide once a night over the course of 3 to 5 days, memorize the phonetic alphabet other details, and within these 3 to 5 days you'll be ready.

For example, you should know the phonetic alphabet. It's something you'll use pretty much your whole life as a pilot, and over time it becomes very familiar due to how often you use it. In addition, there is information about procedures and how things are reported sequentially according to the right format. This isn't necessarily common knowledge, so it will require reading and preparation.

Once you've reviewed the material for three or five consecutive nights, you should be prepared to take the exam.

We at offer both virtual and in-person exams. All you need to do is make the payment (which you can do by clicking here) and then contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Here are the steps so far:

#1 - Get your Category 3 medical certificate. #2 - Find a flying school that's right for you.

#3 - Study and pass your radio exam to obtain your radio certificate - Remember, there are NO pre-requisites to appear for the test.

By doing these 3 things right off the bat, you'll be well prepared for all the flight training you're about to start.

Once you are ready for your exam, get in touch with us via email at and we will guide you through the process swiftly and effortlessly.

All the best!

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