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Aviation Radio Licence In Canada

Licence Conversion

I want to obtain a DGCA RTR-A (India) by converting my Canadian radio licence.

General Details

  • The ROC-A exams are conducted as per the rules and regulations set out by the ISED Canada

  • The ROC-A exams are conducted in person or via video conferencing.

  • Multiple-choice questions and oral assessments are included in both in-person & virtual exams.

  • Exams will be conducted in a closed-book format.

  • The candidate must be in Canada to take the exam.

Exam Booking Process

  • Please fill in the form below.

  • Our office will contact you via email within 48 hours. 

Fee Payment 

  • Examination Fees are USD 200 (Inclusive of all taxes)​.

  • The charges include examination fees, study material, and administrative costs.

  • International students needing assistance should specify below.


Thanks for submitting!

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